"Rousing stuff"  ★★★★

Just Do It lifts the lid on climate activism and the daring troublemakers who have crossed the line to become modern-day outlaws. Documented over a year, Emily James' film follows these activists as they blockade factories, attack coal power stations and glue themselves to the trading floors of international banks despite the very real threat of arrest.

"A smart, funny, adrenalised portrait of 21st century activism" Danny Leigh - The Guardian

The film is LOCKED!

Well well the day has finally arrived. Last night Emily and James finally pressed that button and LOCKED the film. This means that all of the pictures have to stay exactly where they are. No more rejigging. The awesome duo must now stick to their digital guns, so to speak.

This is a huge milestone. Looks like James is a bit tired..someone get them a cuppa. Or something stronger.

So now what? Now comes the part where we make all the pictures look really really pretty. Another hurdle jumped. Onwards and upwards!

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