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Just Do It lifts the lid on climate activism and the daring troublemakers who have crossed the line to become modern-day outlaws. Documented over a year, Emily James' film follows these activists as they blockade factories, attack coal power stations and glue themselves to the trading floors of international banks despite the very real threat of arrest.

"A smart, funny, adrenalised portrait of 21st century activism" Danny Leigh - The Guardian

Emily James – Director / Camera

Emily studied documentary directing at the National Film and Television School, her student films already winning international awards. After her first broadcast commission; The Luckiest Nut in the World (C4, 2002), the Guardian asserted “Emily James is a genius… and will in time be revered as a television innovator.” Following the experimental Don’t Worry, (C4, 2004) and What Would Jesus Drive?, (C4, 2006) Emily’s attention has now shifted to feature documentaries. Her feature debut, Just Do It – a tale of modern day outlaws screened in over 45 independent cinemas across the UK in Summer 2011, alongside a far-reaching community screenings programme. The film is available on DVD with Dogwoof, with plans for a US release in Spring 2012.

Lauren Simpson – Producer

Lauren graduated from Sussex University in 2008 and went straight into film production, working with a variety of filmmakers and companies. Most notably with Universal Pictures, back2back TV, Environment Films, Oliver Hodge, Michele D’acosta and James Lees. Lauren also co-directed SEE: The Brighton Documentary Film Festival in 2009. In the summer of 2009 she joined Emily in the filming of what would become Just Do It and continued to become the producer of her first feature length film. She hopes to produce many more after an interlude travelling Central and South America where she is currently volunteering at various permaculture projects.

James Leadbitter – Editor

James is an artist activist who has been making solo and collaborative works since 2003. His practice exists in many different contexts from traditional art spaces to involvement in broad social and environmental movements. Under the name ‘the vacuum cleaner’ his work has been presented at galleries and festivals including: Tate Modern, ICA, Artsadmin, Fierce Festival and the Centre for Contemporary Art. Just Do Itis James’s first feature length film; he has previously edited short films that have been broadcast on Channel 4 and BBC2 as well as in numerous film and art festivals internationally.

Exec Producers Christo Hird, Chris Atkins, Emily James, Nik Powell, Dick Fontaine, Ciaran Mullaney, Gareth Mullaney
Assistant Producer Laura Shacham
Supervising Editor Kurt Engfehr
Associate Editor Julian Rodd
Art Director Dr D
Filmed by Emily James

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Additional Camera

Mark Ashmore
James Bayliss-Smith
Adam Beasley
Leah Borromeo
Ralf Christensen
Oli Cohen
Valeria Coizza
Shehani Fernando
Shaun Firkser
Alice Freeman
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James Holland
Liam Leahy (steadicam)
Helene Meden
Siobhan McKeown
Matt Megarry
Philip Moore
Rastko Novakovic
Louise Palmer
Marina Pepper
Dani Russell
Lauren Simpson
Nick Street
Dan-Tuyet Tham
Monty Waites

Outreach Director

Molly James

Archive Researchers

Doug Pauley
Andy Robson

With thanks to

Al Brown
Alex West & Jon Miller at Mother
Arts Admin
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Vera TV – Geoff, Phoebe and Carol
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and everybody else who has supported us along the way

Production Assistants

Emma Barnie
Leo Dawson
Hannah Fair
Aoife-Maria Hanna
Cameron Kaye
Terhi Kylliainnen
Sally Mumby-Croft
Karine Peloffy
Rachel Phillips
Giulia Pieretti
Cornelia Reetz
Elly Robson

Assistant Editors

Nico Argast
Michelle Tsen
David Vannen

DVD Producer

Andy Moore

DVD Extra Editors

David Vannen
Gary McQuiggin

Post Production Consultant

Al Brown

Post Production Assistant

Shaun Firkser
Mike Horlock

Additional Editors

Fabio Basone
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Valeria Coizza
Zoe Davis
Tom Dixon
Dan Gifford
Shaun Firkser
Nick Hristou
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Nick Street
Deborah White


Addiction Innovation

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Distribution Strategist

Peter Broderick


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Music Supervisor

Jamie Perera

Music Research

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Archive Footage courtesy of

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Post Production

The Mews
Supervisor – Michelle Jones
Colourist – Alex Gascoigne
Online Editor – Andy Roberts
Sound Design – Pip Norton

Motion Graphics

Amelia Cullern

Additional Motion Graphics

Laurence Chong
Chris Jennings
Matt Rowley

Voice Coach

Cathryn Robson


Kristian Buus
Amelia Gregory
Robert Logan
Mini Mouse
Amy Scaithe

Branding Design

The Why Not Associates

Additional Design

Nemone Caldwell
Bob Dixon
Stuart Humphrey

Translation Facility


Translation Supervisor

Caroline Chabrillanges


Mandarin  - Shanshan Jiang
Arabic – Nadia Yassine
Japanese – Ayako Hirasawa & Ikuko Derry
Brazilian Portuguese – Tatiane Feres & Veronica Spratley
Portuguese – Veronica Spratley
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Translation Checkers

Arabic – Amal EL-Hazzouri
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Brazilian Portuguese – Jorge Goia
Spanish – Lorena Rebolo
German – Annette Boon
Italian – Guilia Pieretti
Greek – Daphne Passisi-Kokot
Turkish – Ronit Meranda
French – Isabell Long
Hindi – Sanjiv Chopra
Mandarin – Ling Shen



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